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Our Services

The DOOR SERVICE is an important part of the customer's experience and we provide the seemless experience with the Service/Repair.

We undertake Repair, installation, maintenance of all brands of LCD/LED and Plasma TV

Repair includes Image issue, Picture quality, Picture color, Clarity, sound, Power issue, Remote control failure, Dead pixels, Screen burns, A Vertical or Horizontal line can appear and remain on the screen, greyish effect on screen and other distortions and Much More Problems can be fixed  with our experts!


LED TV Services

We are the best in our business, providing services at a convenient time, location and price. Our technicians are highly trained, experienced and qualified to work with all brands of LED TVs. We are also on call 24/7.

LCD TV Services

Fix your your LED TVs with our experts. Our service is guaranteed to be hassle free, and our technicians are trained to provide the best care for your beloved LED or LCD screen

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